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About JCI
The JCI Global Community

JCI is a worldwide community of young active citizens ages 18-40 who share the belief that in order to create positive change, we must take collective action to improve ourselves and the world around us. Engaging in activities ranging from sustainable development to international projects, we take responsibility for our communities while improving ourselves through participation, leadership and action.

Active Citizens

As global citizens, we all have rights and responsibilities. We have shared local, national and global interests. Active citizenship is the capacity we all have to work together towards our commongoals. This spirit links JCI members: the sense of social responsibility and the initiative to take actionto benefit society.

Be Better

JCI members constantly seek ways to live JCI's slogan, Be Better. JCI members think critically about existing problems to find sustainable solutionsfor a better future. We not only believe that improvement is possible in our communities and in ourselves, we believe it is our responsibility.

The Original Active Citizens

JCI's founder, Henry Giessenbier, Jr., decided to take responsibility for the progress of his community when he established JCI's first Local Organization in St. Louis, USA in 1915. When delegates from eight countries met in Mexico City in 1944, they agreed it was time to officially form Junior Chamber International (JCI). This tradition of uniting active citizens from diverse backgrounds fueled the JCI movement and set the groundwork for creating positive change that transcends boundaries.

Vision & Mission
"To be the global network of young active citizens."

"To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change."

Our Values
We believe
that faith in God gives meaning and purpose to human life;
that the brotherhood of man transcends the sovereignty of nations;
that economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise;
that government should be of laws, rather than of men;
that earth's great treasure lies in human personality;
and that service to humanity is the best work of life.

History of JCI
Here is a video which briefs how JCI started and how it expanded to other countries over the years.

Zone Presidents of Zone IV
Year Name LOM (Chapter)
1999 JCI Sen K V Rao JCI Visaka Valley
2000 JCI Sen G L Manohar JCI Tirupati
2001 Jc JFM Boda Kiran Kumar JCI Nellore
2002 Jc HGF K M V S T Rama Krishna JCI Waltair
2003 Jc HGF E S H Mohan JCI Kakinada
2004 JCI PPP Sen N Rama Krishna JCI Ongole
2005 Jc Prasanth Patro JCI Berahampur
2006 Jc HGF T Ravi Kumar JCI Ongole Metro
2007 Jc Dr K Murali Mohan JCI Rajahmundry
2008 Jc G L N V Appaji JCI Gudiwada
2009 Jc M N Mallesara Rao JCI Visakha Valley
2010 Jc P Raghuram JCI Vizag
2011 JCI Sen D V Satish Kumar JCI Waltair
2012 JCI Sen M Srinivasa Rao JCI Rajahmundry
2013 JCI Sen P M G Shankar JCI Waltair
2014 JCI Sen B Anjaneyulu JCI Ongole
2015 JCI Sen V Pavan Kumar JCI Visakha Valley
2016 Jc JFM M Venu Gopal JCI Waltair
2017 Jc M Sekhar Babu JCI Ongole
2018 Jc Venkat Narayan Vendantam (Rahul) JCI Rajahmundry Srimedha

Zone/State Presidents prior to 1999, who rendered their services to Zone/State
Year Name LOM (Chapter)
-- Jc K V Ratnam JCI Waltair
-- Jc P Rajeswara Prasad JCI Anakapalli
-- Jc V V Sanyasi Rao JCI Anakapalli
-- Jc Dasari Krishna Rao JCI Ongole
-- Jc Pydah Bhavani Prasad JCI Kakinada
-- Jc B Krishna Murty JCI Rajahmundry
1992 JCI Sen Ganni Krishna JCI Rajahmundry
1993 Jc V Kesava Rao JCI Waltair
1994 Jc Y Harinath JCI Visakha Valley
1997 JCI Sen N L Bhagawaan JCI Vizag

Presidents of JCI Vizag
Year Name
1990 Jc Chandra Prakash Baid
1991 Jc Matta Gurunath
1992 Jc Mahajanam Krishna Mohan
1993 Jc Gorti Subba Rao
1994 Jc Praveen Kumar Sankhla
1995 JCI Sen. On Kwong Jao
1996 Jc Mukesh Jain Goleccha
1996 Jc S Nageswar Rao
1997 Jc G V S Krishna Rao
1998 Jc Kota Srinivas
1999 Jc Vaishnav Om Prakash
2000 Jc J Sandip Jain
2001 Jc Raghuram Patri
2002 Jc Prajwal Kumar Mohanty
2003 Jc Rekha Grandhi
2004 Jc Garuda Brahmaji
2005 Jc Prakash Kochar
2006 Jc Prakash Jain
2007 Jc Ravi Kumar Vankayala
2008 Jc Sreeram Gupta
2009 JCI Sen. G V S Ramayya
2010 JCI Sen. Satyendra Mishra
2011 Jc Mukesh Bhansali
2012 Jc Vishal Gothi
2013 Jc HGF D V Srinivas Gupta
2014 Jc JFM Sriranga Vankayala
2015 Jc HGF Jeevan Nath Padala
2016 Jc HGF B Rama Krishna
2017 Jc JFM Ravi Kanth Reddy
2018 Jc Sridhar Vaddi

Presidents of other LOMs who rendered services to JCI Vizag
Year Name and LOM
1992 JCI Sen. N L Bagawaan - Dolphin Visakha Junior Chamber
2003 JCI Sen. Lakshmi Gupta - Visakha Vanitha Junior Chamber

JCI Sen Arpit Hathi
National President 2018, JCI India
Dear JCI Members,


102 Not out..Wow..and still going strong. Junior Chamber International (JCI) has successfully completed 102 years of its existence and now entering its 103rd year.

"Be the Change you wish to see in others"
- Mahatma Gandhi, Father of Nation (India)
"Change begins with me"
- Marc Brian C. Lim, Philippines, JCI President -2018

One said it in early 20th century and another said it in early 21st century. Both mean the same thing and both are relevant at their respective times.
Change is immortal, constant and beyond time and space. I believe that change evolves from imagination!

You all must have watched Indian Bollywood Movie Dangal starring actor Aamir Khan. The movie crossed INR 1500 crores worth of collection and this created a massive IMPACT all across the globe. Dangal was a masterpiece of imagination of its Director Mr. Nitesh Tiwari!

JCI World Congress will be hosted by us in Goa, India, in 2018. And we want to make it a masterpiece of imagination! We want our foreign delegates to discover Incredible and Amazing India! We want to make it one of the most IMPACTful World Congresses!

Let us all together create a huge IMPACT through our imaginative and meaningful projects, taking JCI far and wide, across India. And the IMPACT can only be felt when we deliver the RESULT in terms of benefits to our communities, youth, profession and nation at large. This year, it is suggested that our LOMs should organize IMPACT projects based on local needs creating a strong IMPACT locally.

Zone Directory is a very powerful management tool to communicate with each other. I am extremely happy that your zone is publishing the directory with all required information and details. Congratulations to you, your team and the entire JCI family of your zone! A strong networking and connect only creates a strong team.

Let me assure you, Team JCI India - 2018 is available for support and guidance at all times and let us together create a great IMPACT.

Change Begins with Me.

Yours in service of JCI India and wishing you all the very best for the year 2018

JCI Sen Arpit Hathi
2018 National President, JCI India

Jc JFP Venkat Narayan Vedantam (Rahul)
Zone President 2018, Zone IV, JCI India
Dear Team Vizag,
You are one LOM that any Zone President would love to lead. You contribute to our organisation. You contribute to the society. You are there at a call. What more commitment can one expect.
Always Awesome Vizag
Wonder which stone did you leave unturned!

The 2018 JCI President slogan Change begins with me is what would takes us all from where we are to where we should be. I am sure that your LOM would create ripples that would walk the change, talk the change and create the change that our organisation exists for.
Remember dear Jc Sridhar, Your Zone President is with you and only an sms away 24x7.
Let us commit, connect, care and build a better future.

Yours in service,
Jc JFP Venkat Narayan Vedantam (Rahul)
Zone President 2018,
Zone IV, JCI India.

Jc JFM S Ravi Kanth Reddy
2017 President, JCI Vizag
Dear Patron,
It is a great privilege to lead a local organization as a President and I thank all my members for chosing me for this year. With the able team that I have, I am very confident that we can create impact this year, and we will be able to take that one leap of faith towards a better future.
I always admire the purpose of JCI and that is what makes me stick to this organization, love this organization so much and to always give my best to this organization.
I always say onething to any member who joins any organization - it is not about whether you have become a member or not, it is more about how participative you are and how much intiative you are taking. It is the participation and initiaives you take that decides how much your develop yourself and how much impact you create through the organization.
JCI is a wonderful platform which provides you opportunities at various levels, it is only upto the members to grab those and make best use of them.
In this lovely one year of my Presidentship, I hope the all local organizations across the world take that One Leap of Faith and together march the world towards a better future.
Thanks and Regards
Jc JFM S Ravi Kanth Reddy
2017 President, JCI Vizag

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