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Jc Vidya Chetan B
Jc Gowtham Vantaku
Jc Trinadh S V S
Jc HGF Vivek N Rathod
Jc Chandra Mohan Pasari
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14/03/2017 R&R Meet
07/03/2017 Third LGB Conducted
10/02/2017 Orientation Conducted
05/02/2017 Second LGB Held at SunDial Associates, Visakhapatnam
05/02/2017 JCI Vizag V-Connect Released
26/01/2017 First General Body Meeting Held
22/01/2017 LDMT at Rotary Grandeur
02/01/2017 First LGB, 2017
23/12/2016 Orientation and Appointment of Chairpersons
11/12/2016 28th Installation of JCI Vizag
29/06/2016 Sixth CGB
19/06/2016 Madhuram MidCon
11/06/2016 EVP Visit
08/05/2016 General Body Meeting
22/04/2016 Fourth CGB
10/03/2016 Third CGB
08/02/2016 CDMT by ZVP Jc Uday Kiran Patta
06/02/2016 Second CGB of 2016
03/01/2016 27th Installation Function

09/04/2017 CARE Clay Water Bowl Distribution at Buddavanam
02/04/2017 CARE Clay Water Bowl Distribution at Central Park
26/03/2017 CARE Clay Water Bowl Distribution near YMCA
23/03/2017 Unlock Your Potential ID Program at Andhra University
22/03/2017 Web Management Session
19/03/2017 CAPP Organized
05/03/2017 Effective Public Speaking Organized
26/02/2017 JCI Recommended Course - Effective Meetings Organized
26/02/2017 JCI Recommended Course - Effective Leadership Organized
25/02/2017 JCI Recommended Course - Project Management Organized
25/02/2017 JCI Recommended Course - Social Responsibility Organized
23/06/2016 HAI Girls
08/05/2016 Unplugged - Training Program
20/03/2016 Know Your Food
01/03/2016 Empowering Youth
21/02/2016 Effective Public Speaking
07/02/2016 Magical Parenting by Jc Satish Veliveti

13/03/2017 Holi Celebrated at Hidden Sprouts
22/01/2017 Vizag Speaks Starts Off
10/01/2017 Movie Screening Program
30/04/2016 Salute the Servicemen
02/04/2016 Mega Blood Donation Camp
23/03/2016 Holi Celebrations
06/03/2016 Family Picnic
02/02/2016 JCI India Integrity Day
31/01/2016 Zoo Visit
31/01/2016 Wetlands Awareness Session
31/01/2016 Children's Trek
26/01/2016 Republic Day Celebrations
16/01/2016 Sankranti Sambaraalu
12/01/2016 Elocution Competition on Youth Day

26/01/2017 BizCon IV Organized
01/05/2016 BizCon II
28/02/2016 BizCon by JCI Vizag

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